Thrashbear (thrashbear) wrote in energydrinks,

Juiced-up greeting from Denver

What up everyone.  Thought I'd drop in and say hi.  For the most part, I don't like the taste of energy drinks, using them mostly as a delivery system.  But there are three:  Rockstart Juiced (guava...always the guava)  and Monster Java, any flavor, and "Bing", made from Colorado cherries.  Very VERY tart, like drinking a cherry pie my grandma used to make.   Is it available anywhere else or are we lucky enough just to have it to ourselves?

Up until two years ago, I was a non-believer in energy drinks overall, thinking them a bunch of snake oil.  Boy, was I wrong!   Not only do they taste awesome (I'd drink them even if they weren't energy drinks)  but they WORK.  Other energy drinks just made me jittery, but for some reason, whatever ingredients are in these really push me forward.   I can think clearer, my body and mind move faster.  My creativity and desire to perform in work are also increased.  My performance overall is enhanced in mind and body.  I just wish it were available in pill form, three bucks a pop can get expensive.

Earlier this summer I learned my lesson in overdosing.  I survived on Full Throttle, Rockstar Juiced, and Monster for two weeks straight as I worked to get some projects done.  After a while they stopped having any effect on me, but the crash lasted three weeks.  Now I only do one or two a week as the cravings come, as opposed to forcing myself to drink them to stay awake.  They also have an effect on my sleeping patterns well beyond normal, so I have difficulty keeping a regular schedule.  Small price to pay, IMHO.

I've been considering throwing an energy drink party, mixing up a bunch of concoctions for my friends and enjoy the results.  Maybe see if I can get some stuff shipped in we otherwise wouldn't find in our locale.  Anyone ever do this and got recipes to share?  I'd had Jager  bombs and wasn't impressed, I like my delivery system to actually taste decent.

P.S.  As I type this, a Red Bull commercial is playing :p
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