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Energy drinks and mental issues

First off, I suffer from bi-polar type II.  For those not in the know, one of the symptoms causes a person to be "manic", or a hyperactive state of energy, inspiration, and creativity.  The opposite is depression, where a person can feel perpetually lethargic, indifferent to life, and occasionally suicidal.  Usually there is an in-between state of relative balance, but it depends on the person.

The reason I bring this up is because I've tried using energy drinks to counteract the effects of a depressive state, or enhance a manic state.  When I was in a depressive state (feeling tired and lethargic), the consumption of an energy drink would usually have no effect whatsoever; sometimes I could fall asleep right after one.  However, when in a manic state, same drink would cause an energy level like a rocket to the stars (pardon the pun).  I recall one time I had to exit the car I was riding in and take a run around the block just to burn off the excess energy.  Either way, the excessive use of energy drinks would mess with my sleep patterns in a way that would take me weeks to recover from.

Since bi-polar is believed to be a chemical imbalance in the brain, the use of energy drinks would only cause me to be MORE imbalanced.  Recently, I got a hold of ten cans of  "Lost Five-O" which I consumed in about two weeks.  Upon reflection, those were the most miserable two weeks I'd had in a long time, because I was going through a depressive state and the drinks would simply mess with my rythms even more.  Since figuring this out, I have curtailed the use of them to times when I am relatively "normal", and only use them occasionally as a treat.  Now, I am much more "balanced", though I still crave them for their flavor, if not their effects.

I am not currently on any medication.  In fact, I've used energy drinks as my own form of ghetto therapy; a crutch of sorts to help me through the hard times (or grease the easy times).  This may have given me some small advantage, since certain medications may react badly to that amount of caffeine, taurine, guarana, or whatever other chemical one might find in their favorite concoction.

What I've just posted is from my own experience, but research and other anecdotal evidence seems to back me up:  (Note that the FIRST suggestion mentions energy drinks)

I mention this to ask if anyone here has any similar stories.
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